Tutor Heather Downie invited me to talk to the students of the BMus Traditional Music course about seat design in relation to musicians and the Design in Harmony project.  Speaking as part of the Technique and Healthy Practice module, I was, by kind permission, able to present the work undertaken by David Brothers in his research paper “The Seated Musician“.

Although David’s research is primarily concerned with orchestral musicians the same principles apply when it comes to the harp player and linking good seat design to performance was at the core of the interactive and practical session. Good posture at the outset will ensure that the harp player is less fatigued, has better concentration and is able to perform to a higher standard for longer.

I am very impressed by how aware the students already are about of the importance of posture, particuarly in relation to the long hours they will continue to play for years hence. I really enjoyed meeting you all and wish you the very best in your professional careers as some of you move on.

Sarah Selman 25th April 2017